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While scrolling through Facebook today I saw these pictures and some background behind them from our friend/APP member Paul King

You probably recognize this man, German actor Udo Kier

Paul wrote, 
These altered images are from a 1993 Greg Gorman photo shoot of Udo Kier.

The photographer wanted Udo to have “play piercings.”

He meant “fake” piercings…language matters :)

When they arrived on location at Gauntlet L.A., I was able to explain to Udo and Greg the importance of authenticity for these images.

Udo took it like a champ!”

Cody Vaughn - APP Outreach Committee

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i’m crying (x)

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Goku's Message to Karl
Goku / Dragon Ball Z




One time I had to go to a concert with a friend who was traveling from out of town to get there and missed out on getting to meet the voice of Goku. My older brother (who, may the record show, always made fun of me for watching DBZ) decided to have Goku leave me a message. It is NSFW. My childhood was crushed. Enjoy.

(For real though, this is the greatest sound clip to ever exist in my life and I’m so happy it happened)

kamehame on this bitch

this is the greatest thing i’ve ever heard in my life i want to die

This isn’t ok. goku why…

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6(7) selfies.  Ooops. 2014 has been good so far. Its about to get better.

I won’t resist the urge


i swiped my card at mcdonalds like please GOD! if youre real let this transaction approve and it did and i was like well i need more proof thanks though

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